Strategies for Beginners to Promote Music Videos on YouTube

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Do you know how many great artists have started careers from YouTube? One of them is Justin Bieber, who was very young when he began to share his art with others. He was doing covers of famous songs, and step-by-step he started to promote music videos on YouTube. One of his first uploads is the cover of Chris Brown’s song, which he posted 12 years ago.

Today, YouTube is an excellent platform for artists to demonstrate their talents to thousands of people. If you are a talented artist, definitely it is worth showing your abilities not only to your family and friends but also to others. But for every beginner, at first, it is hard to understand how to start. Below, you can find a set of strategies that will serve you as a guide to promote music videos on YouTube. 

Reach to Existing Audiences

As you are a beginner, then, of course, at first, you won’t have many subscribers and a fanbase. In this case, one of the easiest steps that you can take is to reach an existing audience. You can pick a song that is well known to many users on YouTube. Then do a cover of that song and post it on your YouTube account. This will help you attract fans of that specific song or the artist who originally sang it. Even if you are not famous yet, fans would love to hear a unique version of their favorite song. Hence you may interest them, and they can start to follow your account.

Market Yourself

It will not be a surprise for you if we say that for artists, it is essential to be on every social media platform. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are a great way to market yourself. Try to create engaging content on your accounts, so that people become interested in you. In addition to this, there may be channels on YouTube which are posting music videos like yours. Try to find such kinds of channels with many subscribers, reach out to them, and ask to post your videos. Subscribers may like your covers and decide to explore your channel. 

Come Up with Interesting Content

Fans always get more interested when their favorite artist shares the journey with them. Besides posting music videos or covers, try to engage your audience with exciting content. For example, you can post funny backstage videos. This will help you to connect with your fans, and they will feel like part of your journey. You can even create some challenges or trends and ask your audience to create their versions. After some time, you will notice how the subscribers are increasing, and that more people get interested in your account.


We hope that the strategies mentioned above can be useful for YouTube Promotion in your career. Start building and developing your YouTube account starting from today. And after some time you will notice its positive result in your musical career. 


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