re: Tutorial: How to share code between iOS, Android & Web using React Native, react-native-web and monorepo VIEW POST

re: Thanks for the post! I have been able to get it going without any problems using the outlined steps. I am facing problems however when i try to i...

Ok. so with a few more attempts i got it going for a critical dependency in my packages. I am using the versatile Navigation router (github.com/grahammendick/navigation) for all the routing requirements in all my packages, across all the router's supported platforms (which is basically everything web, mobile, native etc).

After following all the steps in the post i initially installed the router into my equivalent of the components package. I got it to work for the web but, for the react-native implementation, the navigation router has native code for Android and IoS and somehow it wasn't getting auto-linked. The solution was to simply install it to my equivalent of the mobile package and everything seems good! im still not sure of the jettifer post-install step but it should not be an issue i think.

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