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Day 2 of the #31DaysOfCode

In my previous post I decided to do a challenge where I would code every day for 31 days straight. My main goal is becoming more proficient with Python.

The project I started with is a simple web scraper I made that check the information of products on Amazon.

Today I changed the URL of the product and decided to test the scraper on another product and it worked!

Furthermore, I decided to add another function where it would display the supplier of the product as well. Lastly, I concatenate the variables in the print the functions with strings for better readability.

So instead of looking like this:
Alt Text

It now looks like this!
Alt Text

I am okay how my web scraper currently works.

Upcoming goals

For the upcoming days I am going to study the docs of the Python language and the Spotipy library. I found this library when googling for projects and I really like what type of things you can build with it.

Have a nice day!

Click here for the repository

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