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Should job experience be measured/evaluated in other metrics, besides time?

Often when you try to apply for a new job, you often see in job vacancies you need 'X years experience in this skill'.

Do you guys think other aspects needs to be taken into account when measuring job experience? I often think that the 'time' metric is often the decisive factor when it comes to hiring.

What are your guys thoughts?

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Absolutely! I believe that a person may spend x amount of years at a job and yet not accomplish much due to limitations of opportunities or circumstances outside of their control that may prevent them from reaching maximum productivity. I believe that what you do on the job while you are there is way more important than just mindlessly clocking in and showing up for x amount of time/years.
Great post!

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I think experience is important, but more important is that you did the right things. You can do one thing for twenty yours. But what is it worth if you did it all the time wrong? So beside that time we should measure what we learned and achieved.

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