When can you call yourself a "Senior Developer"?

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When do you REALLY become a "Senior Developer"?

I just saw a Software Engineer's blog and he had 5 years of experience. He wrote that he is a Senior Developer!

I have 5 years of experience too. I've worked on various projects. Big and small. WordPress solutions. Custom applications to manage Golf Tournaments throughout Canada and so on... I have trained many freshers.

But I still hesitate to call myself a "Senior Developer"!

Or is it just imposter syndrome?

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Since it's used as a job title and requirements vary (A LOT) from one company to the other, I think it should stay just that - a job title. Otherwise there are going to be Senior Developers and senior developers, just like we have Agile and agile already. But maybe it's too late for that with "seniority" as well...

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