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Hello there!
I'm Asa, a firmware engineer in Shanghai.I hope the English below is not so broken 😌
I was firstly surprised at the amazing loading speed of this site (Good job, I'm sure you have already heard this appreciation many times😁), and then many posts are informative and of high quality, like it!
I work for a server vendor thus my primary experience are in computer architecture and low level programming. I'm also interested in the general topics of computer science and software engineering.
Nice to meet you and I am happy to be here.😌


I didn't know what a Firmware Engineer was (but I had an idea) until now that I googled it, it looks very cool :D even though I barely know something about assembly, and don't worry for example I'm a Spanish speaker and I'm pretty sure a lot of people also have broken English here and there.


Thanks for your kind comment:P
And yes, firmware is a confusing term. In different contexts, it may mean the BIOS to be executed on a x86 CPU, or the ROM(stored in flash) code to be executed on a "Embedded" CPU(like ARM or MIPS these days). Firmware can be found in our laptops, phones, camera, HDD/SSD, and even SD cards.
Most firmware are written in C these days but assembly is still and must be used in bootloader (pre-initialization before going to the C main routine.)

So I guess you write with both C and assembly, I didn't even know you could hack with SD cards, thank you too for correctly introducing myself to the concept c:

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