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re: After using your method to deploy my laravel app, all the pages loaded clean and easy. Big thanks for that bro. Although i have an issue with files...

Let us take a look at the default Laravel 5 application structure:

app //directory
contains restricted server-side application data

app/storage //directory
contains a writeable directory used by Laravel 5 and custom functions to store data ( i.e. log files, etc... )

public //diectory
this directory is accessible to anyone on the web.

If I were you, I would upload the file to the public directory directly.

Try this:

  1. Store image here: public_path() . 'img/filename.jpg'
  2. Save the 'img/filename.jpg' in database
  3. Generate the image URL with url('img/filename.jpg') Output // http://www.your-domain.com/img/filename.jpg

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