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Discussion on: Don't attend a bootcamp in 2021

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You hit the nail on the head with a lot of these points. I attended Lambda School's bootcamp, which unfortunately came with a much larger price tag than other bootcamps. Getting through the curriculum would have been simply impossible (at least WITH understanding it), without the countless hours I poured into independent research and studying, group studying and peer programming, and the udemy courses I also had to buy.

I could have a long conversation around the complexities of attending (or not attending) a bootcamp - and I have my criticisms of Lambda - my experience as a student left a lot to be desired, but my experience as an alumni has been pretty great. Slack groups are maintained, and career coaches are available every day to meet with, review your resume, recommend certifications and skill growth, and even look over code together. Of course, this depends on the developer taking part, making the appointments, being in the meetings and doing the work.

But I fully believe that if coding is right for a person, and they're willing to do the work, then a bootcamp is not needed. A bit more of a grind, but fully possible.

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That's awesome you have a great alum culture. Once I opted for the tuition reimbursement, I was booted from all alumni spaces lol

Bootcamps aren't all evil. But I want to help others learn how to code without them having to spend $10k