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Similarities between these boilerplates are that they each have the same files in them being the index.html and package.json. Angular being the odd one out uses a browser DOM, while React, Stencil, and VueJS use a virtual DOM.

Easiest Dev Experience

For the easiest dev experience, I think React would be the best one to go with. Even though the boilerplate I had was Angular from personal experience React would be the better option for the developer experience as it is flexible to use and offers more.

Which would I choose

As I mentioned above on how React would be the best dev experience I would choose to use React as well if I was developing an application. I have had experience with React in the past and it came the easiest to me. It is one of the most highly used frameworks right now and there a lot of jobs in the market that require the knowledge of React.

Boilerplate for Group Org click here
Boilerplate I used click here

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