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Discussion on: Developer Portfolios as Inspiration ✨

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Ashley Sheridan

One thing I might add, which isn't about the portfolio websites themselves but about this article. The text of each portfolio link is just "portfolio". That's basically the same as "click here" links which we all know now are to be avoided! If I may offer a suggestion instead, you could change what text the links wrap to give better context, so for example, the links could be something like:

  • Bruno Simon has an extremely entertaining portfolio
  • Robby has received many awards for his CSS art, and his portfolio website
  • Matt is a designer, front-end developer and a mentor
  • etc

It might need some small tweaks to the copy, but you'll have a more accessible experience at the end of it

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

That is a very helpful tip for this article's accessibility! I can't thank you enough for it, I edited them now. Hopefully, it is much more accessible now.