Interview Checklist for SDE I & II

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Disclaimer: It's going to be the bare minimum as per my experiences.

Let's look at the requirements checklist for the interview preparation of Software Engineers.

Choice of Language

Though the trend changes with time, I find the following languages fit for all cases:

  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Python
  • Java

Common for all SDE roles

  • Computer Science Basics
  • In's & Out's of your favorite Programming Languge
  • Data Structures (Make sure you know commonly used Data Structures and you can implement them as well)
    • Arrays
    • Linked Lists
    • Stack
    • Queues
    • Trees
    • Graphs
  • Algorithms
    • Greedy Programming
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Dynamic Programming

I do have a repo for Data Structures & Algorithms in JavaScript, have a look here

GitHub logo knaxus / problem-solving-javascript

🔥 Collection of Data Structures, Algorithms & Interview questions with Unit Tests

Problem Solving using Javascript

Open Source Love Build Status Coverage Status GitHub stars GitHub contributors contributions welcome GitHub

Collection of interview questions with Unit Tests. Problems includes Data Structures, Logical and few Classical problems.



This repo contains the following sections implemented in JavaScript

Find the detailed contents and problem list here: Table Of Contents


Detailed list of contributors

Contribution Guide

It's great to know that you want to contribute to this repo. Thanks for taking interest. please fing the guide here

Keep an eye on this guide, it's subjected to change frequently.


You need to additionally prepare the following:

  • OOP COncepts and requirements
  • Internals of your favorite language (Depends on the language you use)
  • Domain related questions like:
    • Frontend (Working of browsers, HTML, CSS, etc)
    • Backend (Protocols like HTTP, concepts of Databases, Networking concepts, etc)


You need to be very good with all the SDE I requirements

  • SDE I checklist
  • Design Patterns
  • System Design

You can add your suggestions, improvements, and anything else via comments.

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