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Discussion on: Writing an Assembler in Rust, and Why the Build Keeps Failing

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Ashton Scott Snapp Author

The second you mentioned it I had to go look at your Github. It's certainly interesting, I've never played Kerbal Space Program but I have seen videos and know how good a game it is, and I never knew someone made a KerbalOS for the game!

The most interesting part is that you're doing it all from scratch, mostly. I tried that when I started this project, and it didn't end so well - even when it compiled, it didn't work. Hence why I've moved over to using the logos library. Yet your project appears to be working (and far ahead with a preprocessor and parser).

I feel like I've rambled for a bit too long here. I'll be updating this series sometime today however, as I've gotten it to compile (finally!), though there are still going to be some issues that I'll have to work out, at least most likely. Good luck to your project!