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Software Engineer Roadmap?

ashutoshcoder profile image Ashutosh Kumar ・1 min read

Can anyone design a roadmap for someone who is aspring to be a Software Engineer? I am providing a github link which I came across when I was looking for a roadmap for someone who wants to be a Software Engineer. It will be great if we can create a roadmap of what we can learn which will help to eradicate all the doubts for someone who is starting out in this field.

Web Developer Roadmap

This link will help in getting an idea what exactly we need to create which will clear all the doubts. This will help alot of people, not only on Dev platform but also the folks who are in search of right resources.

PS: This question has been provided after looking through a lot of resources and any links to a very good resource will also be very helpful in case I missed any :)


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