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AsParallel • Edited on

This is, generally, the process:

  1. Set an hourly rate, base it on your local rates. Median rate for Greece is €12/hour plus benefits. Set benefits to be whatever part employers would cover in taxes.

Talk to a local tax professional. Per Greek tax tables you look to be on the hook for your 16% + the employers 28% social, plus income tax.

Also bear in mind that self employment filing in many countries requires quarterly tax payments on income. Again, speak with a local tax professional.

Now for the work documentation process:

  1. Get/write a finite set of requirements. Document every feature.

  2. Define acceptance criteria for every item. This allows you to define what done means, legally.

  3. Get the customer signature on all of it.

  4. Set a timetable you can hit, with milestones of which features are due on which date. The hourly estimate attached to each of these will be added together to form your base bid.

  5. Because it's an individual, only work on a time and materials contract. That way you have an out if they demand extra time beyond the original scope and won't pay for it.

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Kostas Sar Author

Very sensible to include tax tips. I assume you follow this checklist as well when talking to customers.

Have you ever had a problem with a customer changing the specs to make this list?

Thank you very much! I'm keeping this!