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Discussion on: Best/Worst Day

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AsParallel • Edited

Best day, the day I was notified after 17 interviews with every level of management at a firm I was interested in that they wanted to extend me a senior director offer, a step up from the principal architect position I was already occupying at a different company.

Worst was when I went in later that week for paper signing and the shitty regional director for the firm demanded I accept a senior consultant role to "prove myself," a five year leap backward and $70k cut in pay. After I declined, I found out through a friend at the firm that the same director wasted no time in offering the director role to one of his fellow Indian male friends with no "test period" required.

Fast forward three years and the same friend informed me he was leaving due to the same director being promoted, in the ensuing time having turned most of the company into a nepotistic $h1t$h0w, running off most of the talent in the process.