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Sounds like you've got a case of imposter syndrome. The trick to not experiencing that for me was being a team lead. Working with the people you lead on a consistent basis and helping them to grow builds your confidence. This is why those communication lines are important.

You bring up a tendency I notice in others frequently: judging yourself comparatively. It's not actually a bad thing, provided you don't ever assume you know what went into the other person's work or how much of it is actually theirs. We all stand on the shoulders of giants etc.

Some people are talented, others are just lucky enough to have a microfocus on a particular topic; single platform, single language, single operating system, single paradigm, which results in impressive depth. To me it feels like breadth of knowledge is something that has come to be discredited and undervalued in today's world in favor of this type of specialization.

Either way, you do you. Glad you found your balance.


Thank you. You are right, I need to stop judging myself based off of other people. And communication is key. I am learning that now with this post alone. I've worked on teams, and even led teams. It does help. I think I just forget it after a while, so I just need to keep reminding myself of this.

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