Discussion on: Is it just me or is Microsoft really crushing it lately?

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Ali Spittel

Mega shout out to all their developer advocates for being a large part of this -- they have so many incredible people on staff who have a big impact on the developer community.

Also, VSCode is the best.

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Cody Baird

Spot on! Female Dev Advocates at Mircosoft are crushing it 'quietly'. Microsoft seems to be empowering female tech leaders much more than other tech Giants that I won't name but...ya know.

Every Co touts 'more women in tech' but only a few have put there money where their mouth is.

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Ben Halpern Author

Absolutely, and kudos to the high level strategists for recognizing how important the dev advocacy is team is.

I see a lot of companies that have dev advocates, but they don't seem to really empower them. I feel like Microsoft is hiring great people in this space and making the most of them.

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If you ever get the chance to visit the Redmond campus during One Week I'd highly recommend it. The sheer scale and investment (both monetary and cultural) in the idea of empowering people to develop solutions is quite breath taking.