re: What is a website that you visit regularly despite its technical quality and user experience? VIEW POST


Reddit, stack exchage, Hacker news


I was going to say your third one and then Reddit too, but that was before their new UI started rolling out. I don't care so much about Stack Exchange; jerks are common there and so I don't hang out at all.

Hacker News and Dev.to are places I hang, so I'm way more fussy about their experience. However while I hear some of the gripes about Dev.to it's way way better than many other of their peers. If this was Dev.to in 10 years I'd still be happy, but if it wasn't for the hackers building great mobile apps for Hacker News I'm not sure I could even still handle using the site; it's just brutal.

Props to the team of volunteers for creating and maintaining Dev.to to such a high standard. Keep pushing the envelope!

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