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re: Hey JJ! Thanks for doing this AMA. What advice would you give to a newer software developer about getting involved in commercial open source?

Hey Ali! Getting involved effectively depends on what your goal is, but diving into the exciting and hyper-growth world of COSS as a new software engineer could be helped by a couple things, I think:

1) Learn about some of the largest and most successful COSS companies that build large software product businesses fundamentally on specific exciting OSS projects! This can serve to offer perspective on the business side of things and the general magnitude of the space at least at the higher end. To support this, I'd encourage folks to look at this spreadsheet:

2) Read Heather Meeker's book "Open (Source) for business": -- we are deeply honored to have Heather as our founding partner at OSS Capital.


Oh awesome! Thank you so much -- great resources!

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