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Discussion on: I'm Joseph Jacks, founder of OSS Capital, ask me anything!

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Joseph Jacks Ask Me Anything

I have spoken with a large number of founders who have or are or might be seriously considering evolving into COSS from an existing proprietary company.

The primary considerations/drivers for this are:

  • renewed growth: adoption/marketing/use
  • re-architecture of the product: looking to completely redesign the system and engage developer contribution to drive greater extensibility, plugins, integrations around the newly open core
  • desire to create a new standard: open source serves as a huge propellant to technology standardization
  • change the game: in markets dominated by closed and proprietary/slow moving IP, open source can be extremely disruptive

In almost all these cases, if you think about the tradeoffs long enough in a given context, open source of a core technology becomes quite compelling.