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re: These are some awesome, I had no idea about disabling the text selection. I'm wondering if hiding a scrollbar is an accessibility issue?

Same wonder about the disable of the text selection. It can be considered as a serious ux problem imho πŸ€”


I can give you an example case where this is a must: kiosk systems where the frontend is web tech. Been doing just that for several years, and disabling text-selection, right clicks, making elements click-through are some of the common used practices.

I understand that kiosks are edge cases in general web dev, but also consider Single Page Applications where the UX is more in line with how we use applications rather than how we use webpages (eg left and right clicks act more like in an OS rather than in browser).

Ok, I get it, It all depend on the use case


Disabling text selection is useful for buttons. It's annoying to select text when trying to click.

Thought exactly the same. I hate double clicking and suddenly the whole page is selected...

Thank you for the clarification

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