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I tried learning Scala early in my career (started from PHP), and I felt it was over my head. I tried for a month or so and eventually gave up. It was a nice language, but I realized over time, it just wasn't what I needed, or wanted.

Since then one that was tricky but i learned a great deal from was Erlang. I never used it full time but i loved its elegance and it taught me recursion.

Overall though, right now, having mostly used scripting languages my whole career (I did play with C# at one point though), I am learning Rust. And it is challenging. But it is also so very fun to learn. When I played with go it was tricky and odd to learn to use the type system as I wasn't used to a lower level language. But I made do. But here to feel like the type system makes more sense. Maybe that's just my experience in general. But Rust has been a very tough, but fun language to learn.

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