Jenkins Plugin for AWS Lambda Test Runner

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Jenkins Plugin for AWS Lambda Test Runner

Jenkins Plugin for AWS Lambda Test Runner

Build Status

Manage execution of AWS Lambda Test Runner from Jenkins.

Project goal

To provide Jenkins users with simple means of using AWS Lambda Test Runner.

How it works

Jenkins plugin for AWS Lambda Test Runner will:

  • Invoke AWS Lambda Test Runner and wait for it to finish.
  • Download from S3 any build outputs stored there by AWS Lambda Test Runner.
  • Include test execution log from Lambda in Jenkins build console output.
  • Unzip any ZIP archives downloaded as part of build outputs.


This is the big picture:

How to install it

Plugin is not yet available in official Jenkins plugin repository.

Plugin installation guide:

  • Clone this repo.
  • Build HPI file: ./mvnw clean package -DskipTests.
  • Navigate to https://<your-jenkins-instance>/pluginManager/advanced.
  • Upload target/lambda-test-runner-jenkins-plugin.hpi under Upload Plugin.

Other requirements:

  • AWS Lambda Test Runner deployed to AWS cloud.
  • Jenkins version 2.150.1 or higher.
  • Jenkins Master requires IAM…
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