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Get familiar with the SeleniumBase API

SeleniumBase framework comes with a set of pre-defined APIs or helper methods for us to use. In this post, we will get familiar with some of the common APIs such as click, get_text, assert_text, etc… and understand how it works and which ones to use when.

💭 Why use SeleniumBase API?

SeleniumBase API provides us with helper wrapper methods to use that are built on top of regular selenium commands. These wrapper methods make working with Selenium a lot easier as it comes with in-built smart wait features to make your tests more reliable. So, you do not have to worry about adding waits or sleeps after every other command, as all of that gets dealt with by SeleniumBase APIs.

It even comes with some additional helper methods which you typically would have to create on your own when directly using Selenium commands.

Scenario #1 – Click on a button and assert URL


Scenario #2 – Scroll and assert the text of the element


Check out the video below to learn more about the SeleniumBase APIs –

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