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Discussion on: Code camp or self-learning

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Avi Kaminetzky • Edited on

I taught myself using a combination of books, in-browser coding tutorials, like,,, Coursera. Books had the highest return-on-investment.

It definitely takes a lot of discipline. Here are a few points to consider:

1) Learn how to filter the abundance of resources for a) quality, and b) what is most compatible with your learning style.
2) Stick to one or two resources at any given time. It's very tempting to jump from language to language, or from tutorial to tutorial.
3) Create a clear roadmap of which skills you want to cover. or any bootcamp syllabus is a place to start. A while back when I was learning, bootcamps were teaching Ruby on Rails and ReactJS (it seems they still are), so I focused on those technologies.
4) Force yourself to break out of the comfort of tutorials and actually build something. Eg, half the time work on coding challenges, the other half work on a program with those skills. It don't need to be anything fancy, but something that solves some theoretical problem.
5) Find an active, beginner friendly chat room or post on StackOverflow. Nothing will replace getting realtime feedback when stuck on a knotty problem.