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Maintainer AMA : Ajin Abraham of MobSF πŸ™

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We are super excited to host a Data security AMA for the Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) community with the Maintainer Ajin Abraham.

*Post AMA Questions here *

We can’t wait to engage with the community that makes this project what it is today.

Building in the open. 🚩

The Mobile Application market is growing at breakneck speed, and so is the Mobile Security industry. With frequent application releases and updates happening, conducting the complete security analysis of mobile applications becomes challenging.

Ajin Abraham, started MobSF mainly to counteract the time-consuming and cumbersome overheads in setting up and maintaining a mobile application testing environment.

Why should you join?πŸš€

MobSF is on a mission to make the best security assessment tool for Android and iOS applications and make Mobile application security accessible

MobSF is hosted on local environments so that the sensitive data doesn't interact with the cloud environment. With MobSF, mobile app test environments could be set up easily on all three major platforms, i.e. Android, iOS, and Windows.

MobSF is also recommended by OWASP MSTG for static analysis of security in mobile applications and is almost industry standard when it comes to Mobile security.

Let’s talk about Mobile security, Open-Source and everything in between.

Save the date: πŸ“†Friday, July 16th, 2021

Part I: 🚩Ajin Abraham, Maintainer, MobSF.

Time-7 PM ISTΒ (Asia)

Part II: 🚩Ajin Abraham, Maintainer, MobSF.

Time-7 PM PST (North America)

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