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Strengthen your iOS/ANDROID application with MobSF!

When you are developing a mobile app, the data security for your mobile app is as important as other elements of your mobile app. Every app has some critical and sensitive data like your passcodes, banking information, and more which can be exploited and it is something that you don’t want at any cost. It is your responsibility to build trust with the users and maintain the user's privacy. When you are connected to the web, you don't know what might happen when. These days safety is a prime concern, Aviyel is coming with another valuable and informative event where you will learn how to secure your application before its release.

Why should one join this event?

  • You will learn the importance of security in general.
  • You will learn the role of MobSF in mobile application security.
  • You will forge ahead with the computer security ecosystem.

Habdul Hazeez is coming live on Coffee&Code to help you gain the importance & viability of your mobile application security. Habdul got into technology in 2011starting with computer security reading blogs on The Hacker News, Bruce Schneier's, and Krebs on Security. This interest led to the pursuit of a B.Sc degree in computer science. Currently, Habdul is a tech blogger in Web Development and Computer Security domain. You'll find most of his writings on DEV. He has also contributed articles for the LogRocket blog and CSS-Tricks.

Join us to get hands-on experience with APIs and open-source!

Date: December 4th, 2021
Time: 8.00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST
Register Here 👉:

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Let’s build open-source together! 🎉
Team Aviyel

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