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Hello, I'm an engineer who has reviewed countless job applications from bootcamp attendees.


I really want accelerated programs to succeed, because becoming heavily in-debt to a four-year university should not be the only option. I know how much it sucks because that's me. But there is only so much you can accomplish in 12-weeks to differentiate yourself in such an intense industry.

Let's talk about the bad first.

From my view, almost all bootcamp graduates I've reviewed have suffered from carbon-copy resumes and lack of fundamental understanding.

Carbon-copy resumes result in no one individual standing out. At some point I was able to squint and correctly guess which bootcamp any given applicant came from. It was that bad.

Then there's the lack of fundamental understanding. I'm not talking about binary search, hash tables, or any other bread n' butter fundamentals. Bootcamps do cover those to varying degrees. What I mean is being able to reason why a given system is slow and how to architect future ones. This stuff is really important for data intensive -- or just plain interesting -- applications.

Now the good!

Bootcamp graduates seem to be exceptionally driven, diverse and open to change. Hell, they just drank from a 12-week firehose of information. That's nothing to scoff at!

I just wish graduates had a deeper understanding of the tools they have been taught. To be honest, I'm not sure what the solution is. Perhaps an addendum project where you get to deep-dive into a focused, intense project with a mentor.

On that note if any recent bootcamp students would want some advice or feedback, let me know!