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Run Containers on AWS Lightsail

AWS Lightsail is an easy-to-use service that offers all the features needed to host web applications of any scale. Besides VPS services, the AWS Lightsail also lets you deploy your containers.

From the AWS console, navigate to 'Lightsail'
AWS Lightsail

From the Lightsail homepage, switch to the 'Containers' tab and then click 'Create container service'
Containers on AWS Lightsail

Select the region where you want to deploy your containerized application
Zone/Region in AWS Lightsail

Select size and number of instances based on your usage
Fixed pricing container deployment in AWS Lightsail

Click 'Set up deployment'
AWS Lightsail Deployments

  • Choose 'Specify a custom deployment'
  • Enter any meaningful name as Container name
  • Enter your public image name with tag, example: nginx:latest (at the time of writing AWS Lightsail doesn't support private images for container deployment)
  • Click 'Add open ports' and add ports on which your application listens to
  • In the PUBLIC ENDPOINT, select the container name which is open to public AWS Lightsail Container Deployment

Give a name to your service and click 'Create container service'
Create container service

Once the deployment is finished successfully, it will change the status to active
Deploy services in AWS Lightsail

To access your service/containerized application, use the link given as a public domain
Alt Text

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