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AWS ANZ Community Week wrap up - Data Day

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・2 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your AWS Heroes!

This month, with the support of AWS, Heroes from across Australia and New Zealand hosted a special week-long community event. Community events like this are run by the community and a great place to learn, get inspired, and expand your network.

We showcased and celebrated some of our local community speakers and influencers, who are innovating in the world of Data, Alexa & Connect, IoT, Machine Learning, and Video & AR.

In this post, I'll be sharing the inspiring talks that were presented on Data Day. Check out the videos for more!

Our first talk of the day was from Corey Quinn, Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group.

In this talk, you'll hear how to misuse various AWS services as databases. He guarantees this will drive actual AWS Solutions Architects, who know what they're doing, out of the industry and into the realms of madness.

Next, we heard from Suneeta Mall, Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Nearmap. Suneeta and her team focus on utilising AWS services to build systems that curate ground truth. This talk also tackles how Nearmap grows and scales this dataset while managing the challenges around efficiency and quality.

In the next talk, Terence White from Land Information NZ continued the GIS and mapping theme. Terence showed us how Land Information NZ takes terabytes of raw aerial images and processes them using AWS services to generate maps at a fraction of the cost of doing it the traditional way.

Jeremy Nagel then talked us through how GOFAR uses Lambda to ingest telematics data, run XGBoost powered machine learning jobs and compact parquet files for their Athena backed warehouse.

For a different approach to data ingestion, Amey Khedekar and Owen Yan from shared their experience in creating a simple, lightweight data pipeline to solve one of their data engineering challenges.

The benefits of their approach are serverless execution, and a simple and flexible architecture using AWS Fargate with ECS and Apache Airflow.

Olivia Carline from the AWS Solutions Architect team then showed us through how to create and build your own real-time data analytics solution with the Kinesis suite of products.

Starting with common use cases, design patterns, and finishing with a step-by-step demonstration on how to ingest and get insights from your real-time data.

To finish the day, Marat Levit from Servian walked us through a solution that utilises common, and sometimes underrated, services to achieve a (mostly) serverless event-driven lake house that takes cost out of the equation and makes dependency management simple.

That wraps up Data Day! Check out the AWS ANZ User Group YouTube channel for more!

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