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AWS Monthly Wrap Up - July 2020

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・2 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your AWS Heroes! At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some of the great posts, projects, and insights from the AWS community right here on Dev.to.

Kicking us off this month is Jeannie who built a Twitter bot that tweets out two Pokémon cards every six hours in Pokémon in-game battle style.

Check out the post for an overview of how the bot was created using Python and AWS Lambda.

Next, Matt reflects on the 20 fully deployable serverless architecture patterns at cdkpatterns.com, all built with AWS CDK TypeScript/Python and all including the vanilla CloudFormation template.

AWS Hero Farrah shares Jeremy Daly's interactive Serverless playground. This tool will help you to grow your understanding of Serverless, and how to construct individual managed services to build a complete application.

Our next post from Yan, another AWS Hero is all about AppSync. Learn more about how AppSync makes it easy to build scalable GraphQL APIs, but also how it makes short work of difficult tasks in API Gateway.

Next up, Rishab shows us how to build a Twitter bot for AWS and Azure using Tweepy - an open-source Python package that gives you a very convenient way to access the Twitter API.

Adrian from the AWS Developer Advocate team shares - Ten lessons from twelve years of AWS. This was a talk from the recent Australia/New Zealand Community Day and has plenty of advice and stories.

The last post for this month's edition comes from Christina from ExamPro as part of the 100 Days of Cloud. If you're learning about billing and pricing, or need a refresher this post is for you.

That's all for this month! For more check out the #aws tag and the AWS Heroes.


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