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AWS monthly wrap up - March 2021

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・3 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your AWS Heroes! At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some of the great posts, projects, and insights from the AWS community right here on

To get us started we have Allen with the five different types of diagrams you should make for five different audiences on your next project.

Each one serves a unique purpose and a different audience. As a solutions architect, you must be able to provide the right type of diagram to the right people when pitching your ideas. Check out this very popular post for more.

Next, we have Julien who shows how to set up preview environments in your pull requests on Github, using AWS CDK and Github Actions.

Preview environments are a terrific tool to share your work before it goes to production or to run end-to-end tests. It gives a lot of confidence to have a mirror of your production infrastructure to play with.

Great first post Julien. Welcome to Dev!

Pubudu then shares how to create a sprint dashboard using VueJS, AWS Amplify for backend, frontend, CI/CD, and for a custom domain set up as well. Check out the tutorial and lessons learned for more.

Moving on to Cici's post and how to create a web application and deploy it using three key Amazon Web Services: Lambda, API Gateway, and S3 for storage. After deployment, you can send an API endpoint link to clients so they can view the work-in-progress.

In this next post Franck and performance comparison of two use cases in DynamoDB - the need to get all items, and the need to get one item only. Check out the post to find out more about scan operations.

Next, we have Aaron who shows how you can quickly achieve a nice little image compression pipeline for your application built using a couple of S3 buckets, and a single Lambda function on AWS.

Our last post is from Derek with part two of a series on the AWS Amplify Admin UI. In this post learn how we can quickly and easily build out backend functionality for our application, and even grant access for developers without an AWS account.

As a bonus post this month we have Adit with all the reasons you need to join the AWS Community Builders Programme. Get in quick as applications for the latest cohort close on March 31!

That's all for this month! For more great posts check out the #aws tag and the AWS Heroes.

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