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Five classic AWS posts - April 2021

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・2 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your AWS Heroes!

Each month I'll be taking a trip down memory lane and showcasing some classic AWS posts. Some of these might be your 'go-to' resources already, others may offer some new insight or ideas.

Let's jump into the posts!

To get us started we have AWS Hero Mark with a deep dive of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

The Well-Architected Framework isn’t just useful for big projects or for a point-in-time review. The principles promoted by the framework apply continuously to any project.

Next, we have the Anatomy of AWS Lambda from Damian. This comprehensive post is a classic for a reason. Check it out for more on serverless, and what's happening under the hood when a Lambda function is executed.

Lou then shares everything you need to know to begin your learning journey on AWS. By the end of this post, you’ll have an understanding of the core services of AWS, how to structure your learning around them, and how to get up and running with some hands-on experimentation

Moving on to another classic tutorial, this time from Vicki who built a Twitter bot, @SovietArtBot that tweets paintings from the WikiArt socialist realism category every six hours using Python and AWS Lambdas

Our last classic post this month is from Rehan who documents the thought process and steps involved in refactoring a distributed monolith to microservices.

That's all for this month! For more great posts check out the #aws tag and the AWS Heroes.

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