re: Are all ASCII characters needed in modern computing? VIEW POST


That's an interesting question to ask. Why are you wondering about that?


I want to make a slimmed down ascii table for encoding and deconding, with only keyboard, math, and important non-printables.
Also, the question itself is interesting, as you pointed out.


You could definitely write your own encoding! Most modern computers are only byte-addressable, though, so your encoding would need to be at least 8 bits wide (which is what modern ASCII is). Packing two characters into each byte might be a bit of a stretch, because that would only give you 4 bits per character (2^4 or 16 total characters).

Are you trying to save space or do you just not care about the other characters haha

I want to fit more characters into a smaller space, to make more room for more / new symbols.
I can give you a sololearn link if you'd like.

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