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As I'm clearly unknown in the dev community, let me introduce myself.
My name is Axel VAINDAL, and I'm a french software engineer with an appeal for backend development.
Yeah, frontend is not really my jam, although I'm such a fan of what people are doing in this area.

As we are in a COVID-19 pandemy right now, I figured it was the right time to start writing and sharing knowledge about software development in general.

I'll try to keep my posts organized by doing some kind of series, or something like that.
I've been doing software development for 13 years, even if half of it is considered non-professional (France as a weird way of counting years of experiences). So, let's say I'm just starting to enter the mid to senior experience level, and mentoring some more junior developers in my current job and projects.

I didn't wanna write tutorials that already exist (even if, pretty much everything exists nowadays), so I'm probably gonna focus myself on this weird path to becoming a senior developer and how it affects the way you write code and interact with other developers in your day to day tasks.
More specifically, I'll try to create a bridge between useful code examples (with real application) and good behavior as a software developer (not only in terms of code, but also in terms of work, communication, tooling...).

Let's sail together to the west! (I just started Vikings, thanks @Netflix!).


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