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re: I'm sure you are right there, I also think that a whole lot of people who develop using nodejs as primary platform are people who started their dev...

well, great part of the blame goes on the recruiters. There is quite a bit of people who do it the right way, and it's easy to spot them. But mostly they're very inexperienced.

That's why I give very simple test for candidates: write a TODO api (yeah, the thing you can google in a few seconds). The twist is, I give them the sqlite database, instead of mongo, and require them to attempt to write a unit test. then I ask some questions. Then I judge by how they approached the problem, and do they understand what they're doing. I've had candidates who barely managed to write half of it, but were able to fix in an hour when I pointed out single mistake. I've also had a candidate who faced with a simple "I want the results sorted" problem said "I could do it in Angular, but I don't know how to do it in node"...

(I come from a C/C++ background, then was assembler, then java and C#, switched to node for most work, but slowly moving towards PFP recently... there at least I (probably) won't have to work with idiots who think they're senior devs after finishing a "senior"-themed bootcamp)

I like you, I think we have the same mindset when it comes to this kind of stuff, I just hope you are not as misanthropic as I am due to this though! :P

won't have to work with idiots who think they're senior devs after finishing a "senior"-themed bootcamp

Totally killed it! 😁😁😁

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