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GitHub Profile README with View Counter

ayushi7rawat profile image Ayushi Rawat ・Updated on ・2 min read

GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README to showcase. This article walksthrough how to access this new feature.


The GitHub profile-level README feature allows more content than the profile bio, the README is significantally more visible as it is placed above pinned repositories and supports markdown which means you can play around with the content more visually.

A solid README is a core-component of well-documented software and often encourages collaboration by sharing helpful context with contributors.
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I'm getting the error message because I have already created one.

How do I create a profile README?

  • Step 1: Creating a new repository that’s the same name(including casing) as your username.
    For example, my GitHub username is ayushi7rawat so I created a new repository with the name ayushi7rawat

  • Step 2: Create a file and add your fancy code there

  • Step 3: Once done you can Commit your new README!

What if you already have a repository with the same name? I’d recommend renaming the existing project, or if possible, changing the content of the README file.

My profile README is relatively simple. You can see how it looks like by checking my GitHub profile.

Quick Reference and Cheatsheet

Add Profile views counter

You can just simply add this code inside your README.

![Visitor Count]({username}/count.svg)

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Have you created yours?
I shared mine, now you can share yours with me at Twitter

If you have any Queries or Suggestions, please reach out to me in the Comments Section below.

Also, have look at my other blogs:

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Hi, There is a GitHub Readme Card and I think you'll be interested in it.

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Ayushi Rawat Author

Sure, I will check it out.
Thank you Abser.

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Rahul Jain

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