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I wanted to request all our community members to please update their bios and profile information. I think others have raised a concern that we all seem to get followed only by new accounts, and its very difficult to get to know people or get in touch with them when we don't know who you are.

I'm requesting that we all take the time to fill in at least some basic information about our profile, so that can remain a community, and so that it doesn't look like we're getting followed by bot accounts.

Please take a 5 minutes to update your profile, and make this community more human for everyone.

Thank you,
Ayush Sharma,
On behalf of the community.

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I thought you were talking about this kind of BIOS and was really confused for a minute.


+1. We should all update our BIOS as well. Not sure how to do it, though. Ideas welcome.


Hahaha, yeah, we should totally have a make sure your BIOS is updated in the sign in process!


Where can I read about why there is only two types of reactions to a post available? (heart and unicorn)


There used to be more, but I think we determined it was too cluttered. You can find some discussions from when the site had a bunch of options here.


Thanks for this. It's very interesting. But I'm still not sure on the Unicorn. It either means "this is one of a kind" or "this is complete fantasy".

Haha, I tend to read it as "this is unique" because Dev tries to be positive. That's part of why I like this platform.

It's still possible to write a negative thing, so I should be able to have a negative reaction to it :v


Mine has always been “way too updated” but I like me animated and this picture shows my personality WAY better that anything ever could 😋 I wish I could also put it on my LinkedIn, but I’m afraid that’d send wrong signals to the potential employers 😂


It might get you some interesting jobs, though.


I highly doubt it :-))) I went for an interview this past Thursday, this was my first interview since having moved to Germany and also my first interview as a "developer" rather than a "test engineer", so if I end up not getting the job I'll take your advice, change my LinkedIn profile picture and wait for an "interesting job" :-D


I find it weird that most of the connections are from new signups - almost like they're presented with an option to follow someone. I guess I'm not the only one experiencing this.


It's not just you.

There was another thread that drew attention to this problem, so I thought I should reach out and ask people to update their profiles.

I feel very excited when someone likes one of my articles, and then its very disheartening to find out their profile is empty except for an image.


They are. When you make a new account, they are given a short list of people that they might be interested in following people that are active on the site.


Valid point - Just updated mine and noticed there is a mentor section which is really cool.

I haven't been able to find a mentor yet but maybe I can get one through!

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