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Discussion on: A Candid Look at My First Day as a Developer

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Azeem Abbas

Inspirational Pat!

But I would like to know, how did you pass the job interview?

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Patrick O'Dacre Author

Thanks, Azzem!

The interview wasn't a problem, really. I had a good grasp of my tools and software development fundamentals at that stage.

What freaked me out on the first day was the exposure to all the other facets of development I hadn't yet experienced -- server admin, API design, working with git on a team with a tool like Beanstalk App.

I was also somewhat comfortable working with designers, but working effectively with product managers and QA was something I had to learn on the job.

In sum, I'm not comfortable until I understand the bigger picture and my particular role within that picture.

Getting an intimate feel for the larger machine of which I was a part took some time. It was humbling because I don't like to look inexperienced, and I wished I had the opportunity to understand the larger picture in a more sandbox-like environment.