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My most successful site, or yet another site to convert colors

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Today I want to get some feedback from you about my currently most successful website, Yes it is yet another site to convert colors to different formats.

The site is quite successful in the sense that I have about 5 - 7k visitors a day and make around 170 dollars a month with a single ad on each subpage. One improvement I am currently thinking about is changing the ads to Ethical Advertising for example from

Now I wanted to know from you what I could or should improve, like add more formats or work on the layout.

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  1. Maybe use the # notation instead of Hex()
  2. I think you could fit more things on a single row (messy but probably easier to find information rapidly)

Now I think the site is great as it is. Good luck with ethical advertising!

Edit: I don’t know if that makes sense but maybe add support for opacity attribute? Like telling how it would render on which surface?


Thanks for the input for point 1 you are correct would be better to show #.. it works if you search for it but the default is hex().

For point 2 could you name an example? Sorry not 100% sure which part you mean.

Opacity Attribute is only useful in a few of these color spaces but I might still add them as it’s important for the web.


I was referring to the tables but after looking again I think it wouldn’t be that much of an improvement

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