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One time we were on the phone with a client, a bad ui and ux was on their original website, and it was a huge eyesore. So we started building their new website and we were trying to all figure out a way to display the data best. Since the client was on speaker phone, I didn’t want to propose a bad idea, so I leaned over to a project manager and gave my suggestion. I’m not a designer so I expected it to get shot down immediately. But they liked it, and followed up with me to explain it more. She nodded at me and then spoke up with the client and proposed it. The CTO of our company (literally my immediate superior, very small company) said, yep, that’s it, sound good to you? And the client agreed.

I was okay not receiving credit, but the project manager came back to me after the phone call and told me that it was a really good suggestion. And I gotta say, I want more of that.

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