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Discussion on: How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding

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Guten Morgen Ilona,

Here in America, it's about 10 am. As I was reading your blog. It got me thinking of my own life at home and getting my business off the ground. While learning more about my SEO specialist career. I have a full plate of SEO, learning HTML & CSS for my website building, blogging. Even thinking of podcasting, youtube videos to help clients in educating them of website troubleshooting their issues.
The most important thing is health. Americans like to run hard and worry about the side effects later. Fast food, quick eating and drink while on the road. I know for sure I would want to do all of that while driving the Autobahn :) little humor.

Your list is awesome and informative. Your blog posting is not all about computer science and but health is part of that programming we all need to think about every day. Here at, I will be doing more on my feet for a while and doing my computer work at the same time..Thank you Ilona.