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Discussion on: Playstation Store redesign – the biggest UX Failure of 2020

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Azural Strike

I'm not here to defend ps stores new layout but you've noted in your games grid section about the resident evil 2 titles... one is clearly resident evil 2 remake the other is clearly the remake raccoon city edition which is resident evil 2 and 3 remakes. Now I get your arguement if a game isn't clear but you need to make the arguement better here.

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Vitaly Rtishchev Author

Yep, sure, here are some better ones:

  • Nioh with DLCs that are sold separately – they do not look the same, but it's not clear what are they
  • Plants vs Zombies – two completely the same items with different price – you need to click both to know that the first one is the game and the second one is the upgrade