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Take the Python Virtual Labs at #PyConIndia2020

arkodyutisaha profile image Arkodyuti Saha ・2 min read

Welcome to the Python Virtual Labs which we've launched as a part of the #PyConIndia2020 digital experience. Here is how you can complete the Python Virtual Labs and claim your virtual swag πŸ’–

1. Join our Microsoft Python Discord

βœ… Visit to join the Microsoft Python Discord.
βœ… Join the #python-virtual-labs channel for further instructions and to ask questions.

2. Select and complete a Python Virtual Lab from GitHub

βœ… Visit and select and complete a virtual lab from the README in the GitHub repository
βœ… Some labs may require an Azure Subscription. You can sign up for an Azure free account here

3. Confirm lab completion and redeem your code for the PyCon 2020 Swag Giveaway.

βœ… You must complete at least one lab to qualify for PyCon 2020 Virtual Swag Giveaway.
βœ… Follow the instructions in #python-virtual-labs (Discord) to upload your screenshot / confirm completion.
βœ… Tweet with the #PyConIndia2020 hashtag and tag @azureadvocates with a screenshot of your completed lab
βœ… Virtual swags are available while supplies last.

Drop us a line in the comment section if you've any questions/reach out to us πŸ’¬

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