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Tutorial - Payment Gateway Integration

We are living in the era of technology, To develop a powerful application with smooth runs - you need to select the right set of technologies. Right now, the combination of Laravel and Vue.js is very popular and provides significant results to clients. Specially the need for this combination is increasing for E-commerce websites.

Today, we shared the tutorial of integrating the Razorpay payment gateway to your Laravel 6/7/8 versions along with VueJS.

In the article, We cover up the following points.

  • Initial Set-Up: Laravel and NPM Dependencies Installation
  • Include /js/app.js and app tag in the view
  • VueJS Set-Up: Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel and VueJS 2
  • Create App.vue File
  • Create Razorpay Account
  • Set-Up and Install Razorpay Package
  • Create Razorpay Controller
  • Add Routes
  • Create Razorpay View
  • Check Transaction

I hope you find this tutorial up to your expectations. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial or have any, you contact us and explore your knowledge about Payment gateway integration. If you want to read more tutorials related to technologies, visit our website now.

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