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API Request Schema with Joi Validation in NodeJS and Express

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Hello readers, Today we are going to discuss one of the interesting topics - Joi Validation. You know when you are working on any platform and the platform asks for any user data like age, phone number, name, address, Pincode, state, etc. but due to hurry, many a time use enter the numerical data at the place of name, when the system expects alphabetic information. Even many times we make the mistake of entering the birthdate or Pincode, in the form of formatting or wrong information. Now, you don't want to store that wrong data in the database. So, what you can do is, you can do data validation and identify whether the data you received is in the proper format or not. You can also do this by manually using the validation library/package.

We at Bacancy Technology, Share an article about the Joi Validation for Node.js and Express. Yes, it's a tutorial, you can learn maximum from it.

Let's start with a basic understanding of Joi

Joi - efficient, popular, and widely used tool for validation. Joi helps developers to develop the blueprints and helps developers to accept the only accurately formatted data.

advantages of Joi-

  • It's very easy to learn and implement.
  • Popular and widely used for data validation.
  • Supports validation based on the schema.

In our blog, we also share the Steps to implement API Request Schema with Joi Validation for Node.js and Express. Read our blog of Joi Validation in NodeJS and Express and get the best learning.

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