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Comparison Of Popular NodeJS Web Application Frameworks

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We can see that in the IT sector, every business is fighting to get a boost in application performance. All types of businesses now want to create their custom digital web presence with a high-quality user experience and want to stay ahead of the competition or promote their services.

After the introduction of Node.js in 2009, many of developers have said that the Node.js framework enabled developers in server-side scripting using JavaScript language. But since the introduction of Node.js, it has become famous for developing custom web applications. Many people still have questions about Node,js that, is it frontend or backend?

But you don't need to worry about that, as we are here for you. We published an article, in that we are covering the list of some of the top ten Node.js frameworks which will give a boost to your application. When it comes to choosing the best Node.js backend framework, there are many frameworks available, and selecting the one is not easy.

Let's have a look at Top 10 Node.Js Frameworks

  • Express.js Framework
  • Hapi Framework
  • Koa Framework
  • Socket Framework
  • Meteor Web Framework
  • Sails.js Framework
  • Total.js Framework
  • Feather.js Framework
  • NestJS Framework
  • Loopback Framework

We share an article of the top 10 Node.js frameworks of 2021. We classify the top Node.js libraries, the most popular Node.js framework for Microservices, Node.js framework for AWS lambda, Node.js web Rest API frameworks, best Node.js MVC framework, best unit testing framework for Node.js. We also mention the pros and cons of frameworks. If you like to know more about the node js web application framework, visit our article.

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