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Complete Tutorial : Implement React Native Animations

bacancy_technology profile image Bacancy Technology ・2 min read

When are running your business application, Animations play an essential role in your application success. If you want better interaction from your users then your animation must be powerful. It gives your users a positive experience and smoothens user engagement. In short, Animation is a great idea to keep users engaging with your application when there is extended functionality to perform.

You might be heard about Implement React Native Animations using animated AI, or maybe you are still don’t have an idea that how to implement it. So we have shared an article, in that article, we have shown you how to get started with React Native animations.

Let’s understand it step by step

First of all, in the article, we have shared a video about the tutorial goal, which will help you to learn how to implement React Native animations. After watching the video, we will talk about the following React Native Animation Types also:

Animated.timing():- Its use when you have to define an animation to a specific value with a certain amount of time.

Animated.spring():- It's use when you have to define an animation from start points to endpoints even without defining time as we did in timing.

Animated.parallel():- Its use when you have to define animations in the array to trigger at the same time.

Animated.sequence():- It allows us to have all the defined animations in the array to trigger one after another.

Further, in our article we have also talked about how to Work with React Native Animations, we have explained these points with all the required coding parts and give you a feeling like the live example.

Later on, we will also share with you how to add animations in React Native app with all the required coding. I will suggest you to read our article and learn how to Implement React Native Animations. Hope you will find it worth.

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