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Flask JWT Authentication Tutorial

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Hey folks, today we shared the Flask JWT Authentication tutorial with you and within the tutorial we are also going to learn about the Flask framework, Auth Token Authentication, and REST APIs. Don't be worried if you are new in the field of implementing token authentication, after reading this tutorial all your doubts will be cleared and you will not feel new in the field of implementing token authentication. There are different sections in this tutorial, go one by one.

Introduction - JSON Web Tokens

When you want to transmit the data with the help of JSON objects between two parties, It is one of the secure and compact methods.

It consists of three parts-

  • Header
  • Payload
  • Signature

Introduction - Flask Framework

This micro-framework is used to develop the rest API and is based on python. One of the major functions of micro-framework is to keep things simple but extensible. When developers want to add custom extensions, session management, authentication for database integration - micro-framework allows developers to do that.

In our article, you will also get to know about the steps by steps Implement Flask JWT Authentication - we shared a tutorial in such a way which helps you to get the learning easily and interestingly. Read our article to know more, let’s learn about Flask jwt authentication together.

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