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Flutter Hooks Tutorial: Flutter Animation using Hooks(Part 1)

Flutter hooks are the one of the best functionality of the Flutter. It was somewhat difficult and overwhelming to do the programming before the introduction of Flutter hooks. Today here, we are going to talk about the pre-hooks and post-hooks Flutter life. Here we also learn how to use useAnimationController and useEffect in our demo application. Let’s learn.

Basics of Flutter Animation

Here in the Flutter Hooks tutorial, we are going to learn how to build and install an animation using the hooks in Flutter and also see the pre-hooks and post-hooks Flutter life. Lets see the basic animation first before moving on to the Flutter hooks tutorial.

We need to do the below things for animation:-

  • Animation controller
  • Manage animation
  • Listen for updates
  • Manipulate animation

We also talked about the definition of Flutter hook and Pre-life of Flutter hooks in our article.

Post-Hooks Life: Installation and Flutter Hooks Example

Here we talked about:-

  • How to Install Flutter hooks?
  • How to Implement Animation using Flutter Hooks?
  • Flutter Hooks Tutorial to Create Custom Hooks

We cover all the technical aspects of the Flutter Hooks tutorial in our article, if you want to know more about the Flutter Hooks Tutorial, Let’s jump to our article now.

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